The Formal Exclusion

The Formal Exclusion  –  by Grâce Ndjako


Today I just want to vent
My patience is gone
It turns out that it wasn’t endless
I will renounce the missionary’s virtues if I see fit
But I dare anyone to call this uncivilized

You can’t claim this.
My resistance has fascinated you
My perseverance has intimidated you
Maybe in these regards I was a bit too much like you
And dare I say more earnest, unaffected
You saw, I lived

Now you want to see more
But you can only see where I’ve been,
You estimate where I am,
And are oblivious as to where I’m going
More, ‘till there is no more

I want to live, tell and shape
But, you saw
Glimpses, glimpses
A frozen image to you
Where have I gone?

Others are now deemed more formally qualified
Only the missionary gets to report back to the church
I compete against the glimpses you caught
Formally kept out
And the irony escapes you

However, your image I won’t shatter
I won’t tear, enact or interact
There is a world you won’t reach
It can’t be frozen
I’ll go on, unaffected

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